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Connecting personally with your customers is the nirvana all modern companies are seeking. There are multiple touchpoints between you and your customer. Each time your customer is exposed to your brand you want to hear what they have to say and be sure to deliver the message they want to hear in return. As a marketing expert specializing in customer experience management (CXM) strategies, I will work with your company to guide you towards a strategy that will attract and retain customers, and increase brand loyalty and profits.

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I will give you personal insight into what drives my passion and enthusiasm for customer experiences and data. I will give you an idea of the philosophy that drives my approach – and how my unique approach takes your business where it needs to be. Click on About to learn more.

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I give speeches to conferences, run half day and full day workshops and I deliver industry leading online training. I will be able to inspire and enthuse your team to deliver the message of your brand, no matter where in the company they work. I will show you, through my training, how the customer experience is the reresponsibility for all professionals within your company. Click on Speaking to find out how I can inspire change in your company.

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If you are interested in knowing more and would like to talk, click on Contact and provide your details. I believe in putting customers first, it is at the heart of my philosophy about marketing. Therefore, I will work hard to get to know you and your company and what makes your brand special. I will then show you how to build brand, improve your process and increase profits.

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