Brand strategy that makes sense.

Beco Lichtman helps businesses build fearless brands from the inside out. His approach is practical, his process efficient and the results lasting. No wasted time, no PowerPoint strategies, no useless reports sitting on shelves. Beco quickly assesses the gap between where your business is and where you want it to be, then works closely with you and your team to get you there. 

Your product can be copied, top talent poached, technology surpassed, but your brand cannot be duplicated. Your brand is a reflection of your organization’s values, its leaders and you. 

Beco helps you unearth the essence of your brand, which will inspire and inform everything you do. From marketing, to operations, to development, to everyday business decisions. His work often acts as a central rallying point for organizational transformation, which strengthens your team, sparks enthusiasm and increases profits.

“Beco’s workshop was filled with relevant and practical strategies. Our audience loved him.”

Beco leverages his nearly 20 years of international business experience and deep knowledge of consumer behavior to develop effective brand strategies. A talented speaker, he builds long-lasting connections with his audiences through his inspirational and educational style.

Armed with a master’s degree in business administration and a passion for education,  Beco has designed and led courses and workshops in strategic brand planning, management and marketing for schools such as Miami Dade College, one of the largest colleges in the United States.

Beco has lived in the United States, England, France and Spain. Each country has presented him with vastly different lenses with which to view strategy, marketing and consumer behavior. Today, he lives in Paris, and continues to consult, teach and speak on brand innovation around the globe.


Your team believes that the brand is important but no one can tell you why exactly. 

You need someone to (re)energize your team.

Your brand strategy is not fully integrated with the business plan, but rather exists in a silo. 

You have no clear business plan beyond turning a profit. 

You’d like your brand to be a stronger driver of both top line and bottom line growth.

You wonder why your customers, employees, suppliers are not brand advocates.

You believe brand strategy is nothing more than marketing. 

You don’t have a clue as to what any of this means.


Professionals from these organizations LOVE Beco’s work:



Beco designs strategies that build strong cultures and businesses. He helps organizations identify their real value, and to align their internal mission with external forces. He’s had the pleasure of working with organizations across a broad spectrum of industries, including American Express, Burger King and Directv Latin America. Now, he uses this  wealth of experience to find the most effective solutions to even the most complex of brand challenges for startups and SMEs.

Brand strategy consulting services are offered in a flexible manner to suit your business, for example on a project-by-project basis, or as retainer relationship. He can also offer micro-consulting during those times when you need just a little knowledge to propel your organization forward.

Contact Beco today to find out how his brand strategy consulting services can benefit your organization.



With a strong background in strategy, education and marketing, he combines storytelling and audience interaction along with innovative content from relevant resources from around the world to illustrate core  brand principles that your team can start implementing immediately. Whether it’s a training workshop, retreat or keynote, he aims to provide a  dynamic experience that inspires and educates brand-driven teams.

“Beco is engaging, clever and entertaining – just what you want in a speaker. Book him immediately.”

His most popular training workshops include:

  • Branding 101
  • Creating Brand Loyalty
  • Turn Your Employees and Customers into Brand Advocates
  • Personal Branding
  • Branding & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Non-Profit Branding
  • Cracking the Customer Code
  • Mastering Brand Planning

Each of his training workshops are customized to address the specific brand challenges faced by businesses and nonprofits alike. These programs will equip your teams with the knowledge they need to fulfill the organization’s brand purpose and build strong brands.






Please contact Beco at to discuss how he can add value to your organization. Or click on one of the blue buttons to the right.
7 Rue de Castellane 75008 Paris
Paris: +33 (0)6 47 60 11 12    
United States: +1 786 261 6177

Thank you for your consideration. He’ll get in touch within 24 hours to learn more about your request. 



/Strategy Workshops

Just one more week until I hit the road with my summer series, HOW TO BUILD A FEARLESS BRAND! And while I’ll be working one-on-one with various businesses during this period, I’ve also scheduled a number of public workshops.

What you’ll learn:

I’ll share with you what it really means to think and act like a fearless brand in today’s world. And I’ll show you how to integrate your brand strategy across your entire organization, attract the right customers and convert your employees and customers into brand advocates.

I’ll use a mix of business theory, inspiration, real-world application and humor to illustrate how fearless brands identify international market opportunities, utilize the most innovative technology, build dynamic teams and drive sales.

Participants will walk away with the information needed to craft and execute fearless and customer-centric brand and marketing strategies.

Who should attend:

This series will mostly appeal to startups and SMEs interested in expanding into global markets; however, managers of forward-thinking businesses and non-profits will also walkaway with valuable information.

Email for more information. If you’re unable to attend one of the public workshops, I’d be happy to schedule a private consultation with you to discuss how I can bring value to your project.

Comments from previous sessions:

“Beco is engaging, clever and entertaining – just what you want in a speaker. Book him immediately.”

“Beco’s workshop was filled with relevant and practical strategies. Our audience loved him.”


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