"Differentiate or your business will become obsolete."

Beco Lichtman

/About us

What we do

Beco Lichtman Int’l, a strategy + marketing company, helps businesses address a wide range of challenges and opportunities to facilitate growth. In short, we help businesses get better. And better businesses do better in business – they acquire new customers; expand into new markets; retain better talent; increase social impact; and produce higher profit margins. Better businesses adapt more easily to the ever-changing market conditions, increase their capacity to grow, and normally outperform their competitors.

Our approach

We’re not the consultants of yesteryear. In fact, we don’t consider ourselves consultants. We’re skilled (actually, we’re amazing!) professionals who become outsourced members of your team. We don’t write fancy reports with indecipharable data. We roll up our sleeves, get into the trenches with you, and provide execution-based solutions. We work with you to identify the obstacles that are preventing sustainable growth for you business, and then provide hands-on expertise to help get to where you want.


“Beco is a talented strategist and has an amazing capacity for hard work.”

Software Entrepreneur

“Beco unearthed the essence of our brand and identified new markets for us to explore.”

Event Producer

“Beco created a strategic plan that helped me grow my business and increase my profits.”


Acquire New Customers | Expand into New Markets | Increase Profit Margins

We partner with you to build your business!


"If you are not a brand, you are a commodity."

Phillip Kotler


Beco Lichtman Int’l works with businesses across different sectors. From high-growth startups, fashion houses, to social entrepreneurs. This diverse client list allows us to offer innovative solutions to business challenges – elements of what we learn while working with one company may well transfer into cost savings for another. We find what works well in one sector often transfers to others. And while we don’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we certainly leverage our experience to produce results.

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"We create pathways to growth."

Beco Lichtman


We provide consulting services for businesses to increase their growth, efficiency, profit margins, and brand awareness. We also develop strategic and market analyses as well as business innovation models, feasibility studies, and marketing plans. This can completed on a project-basis, a retainer relationship, or in the form of micro-consulting when you need additional knowledge or expertise to increase your company’s agility in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Call us at +1 786-261-6177 to learn more about how Beco Lichtman Int’l can help your business!


"Products are made in factories, but brands are created in the mind."

Walter Landor


Beco is passionate about educating, inspiring, and uplifting business communities. His participatory workshops focus on how to build innovative, brand-driven businesses, leadership and management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal branding.

There are a variety of half-day, one-day, and three-day brand & marketing workshops designed to help gain a clearer understanding of both current and emerging market strategy issues. Regardless of your industry, the workshops will provide you with the tools you need to successfully tackle numerous marketplace challenges and opportunities.

He can also deliver customized workshops that addresses your specific challenges at the location of your choice.

The most requested topics include:

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Brand Management
  • Vision Discovery
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Personal Branding

Contact him at +1 786-261-6177 to learn more about how Beco Lichtman Int’l can support your business!


"Marketing is everything that a business says or does."

Beco Lichtman

/Meet Beco

Beco Lichtman, a global business professional, speaker, and educator, created Beco Lichtman Int’l on the belief that successful businesses are built from the inside out. He delivers business-driven, innovative solutions that drive growth, increase brand awareness, and profit margins.

Beco is a dynamic professional with advanced analytical skills and an extensive background in brand development, strategic marketing, and business management. His unique entrepreneurial career as a brand strategist and facilitator demonstrates a proven results-driven focus in driving business achievements. His clients have included freelancers, small businesses, and global companies such as American Express, Burger King, Caterpillar, and JP Morgan.

A persuasive speaker, Beco delivers workshops and trainings for conferences, professionals, nonprofits, universities, and corporations on brand strategies, personal branding, entrepreneurship, organizational culture, leadership, and marketing.

Beco also provides an impressive background in public service contributing leadership to community non-profit Boards and Committees for many years, including the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and the National LGBTQ Task Force.

Armed with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), he is also a talented educator at the college-level delivering courses in strategic management, marketing, and business ethics at Miami Dade College. Beco is a highly-skilled communicator with experience training executives within cross-cultural settings in business communication and personal branding with the ability to translate these skills across multiple sectors. Strong work ethic, creative thinker, and passionate leader are all phrases to describe this ambitious individual.

Beco lived and worked for nearly seven consecutive years in Madrid, London, and Paris where he trained executives from various multinationals. Each country has presented him with vastly different lenses with which to view business, strategic planning, and marketing. Today, he is based in Paris and Miami, and continues to travel to work with clients and deliver workshops to various organizations.



When he's not onsite working with client partners, you’ll find Beco Lichtman in major business centers around the world, including Paris, Miami, Amsterdam, and San Francisco. He’d love to hear from you.

Email: Tel: +1 786-261-6177

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