"Differentiate or become obsolete."

Beco Lichtman



Beco Lichtman is on a mission to change the way businesses do business. One client at a time. He helps small and medium-sized businesses address a wide range of challenges and opportunities to facilitate growth. In short, he helps businesses get better. And better businesses do better in business – they acquire new customers; expand into foreign markets; increase social impact; and produce higher profit margins. Better businesses adapt more easily to the ever-changing market conditions, increase their capacity to grow, and normally outperform their competitors.


Beco operates on the principle that consultants should deliver results, not just fancy studies and reports with indecipherable information. He measures success by the tangible improvements that he helps his clients achieve. A highly-skilled business professional, Beco becomes an outsourced member of your team. He rolls up his sleeves, gets into the trenches with you, and provides execution-based solutions. He works with you to identify the obstacles preventing sustainable growth for your business, and then uses his expertise to help get to where you want to be.


“Beco is inspirational, practical and results-driven. He is extremely generous with his expertise and has given us advice that has really helped.”

Software Entrepreneur

“Beco is one of the first people I go to for advice in my business. He is a top notch business strategist dedicated to helping SMEs to grow their businesses globally.”

Event Producer

“Beco is a passionate and insightful strategic marketing expert. He has a very broad range of knowledge coupled with enthusiasm and good prevention skills.”


Acquire New Customers | Expand into New Markets | Increase Profit Margins

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"A brand is a promise."

Beco Lichtman


Beco works with small and medium-sized businesses across different sectors, including retail and consumer products, media, travel & tourism, retail, meetings & conventions, entertainment consumer technology, and social entrepreneurship. This diverse background allows him to offer innovative solutions to business challenges – elements of what he learns while working with one company may well transfer into cost savings for another. And while he doesn’t apply a one size fits all approach, he does leverage his experience to produce results.

His services include:

  • Market Research
  • Business Innovation Models
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Product Development
  • Content Management
  • Marketing Plans (Product, Pricing, Promotion, Distribution)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategic Audits
  • Local Office Set-Up
  • Export Promotion Services

Beco’s consulting services can be completed on a project-basis, a retainer relationship, or in the form of micro-consulting when you need additional knowledge or expertise to help your business get to the next level.

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"Successful businesses are built from the inside out."

Beco Lichtman


Beco is on a mission to change the way businesses do business. One audience at a time. He’s passionate about educating, motivating, and helping organizations and individuals around the world. His engaging and participatory half-day, one-day, and multi-day workshops, trainings, retreats, and keynotes are designed to build innovative, brand-driven businesses and teams. Regardless of the industry, Beco will provide you with the tools you need to successfully tackle numerous marketplace challenges and opportunities.

The most requested topics workshops include:

  • Reaching Your Market
  • Shaping Powerful Marketing Strategies
  • Building and Maintaining Competitive Advantage
  • How to be Small, but Play Large
  • Accelerating Growth and Innovation
  • Perfecting Your Position
  • Setting Goals and Aligning Strategy
  • Profit and Proper in Business
  • Low to No Cost Ways to Promote Your Business
  • Community, Culture, and Business
  • How to Build Your Personal Brand

Beco can also deliver customized workshops that address your specific challenges at the location of your choice. Book your next workshop, training, or keynote with Beco by clicking here or calling +1 786-261-6177.


"Marketing is everything that a business says or does."

Beco Lichtman

/Meet Beco

A dynamic business consultant, speaker, marketer, and educator, Beco Lichtman has helped many organizations grow their business during his more than 15 years of experience. Beco’s creative and unique approach, distills the most innovative content from business resources from around the world, MBA theory, and first-hand experience into invaluable tools for small and medium-sized businesses.

A long-time advocate of these businesses, Beco offers a candid approach combined with the compassion of someone who has been in the entrepreneurial trenches. An engaging speaker, Beco builds long-lasting connections with his audiences through his inspirational and educational style. He draws on lessons from his international experience to offer personal accounts that are both insightful and comical.

Beco received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University. In addition to his work as a consultant and speaker, Beco has an impressive background in public service contributing leadership to community non-profit boards and committees, including the Jewish Federation and the National LGBTQ Task Force. A talented educator, he’s taught courses in entrepreneurship, strategic management, marketing, and business ethics at a number of institutions including Miami Dade College, the largest institution of higher education in the United States.

While currently based in Paris, Beco has had the opportunity to live in England, Spain, France, and the United States. Each country has presented him with vastly different lenses with which to view entrepreneurship, strategic planning, and marketing. Today, he continues to work with clients and deliver workshops to various organizations around the world.



Ready to take your business to next level? Would you like to schedule your next invaluable workshop or keynote? Beco is here to help you build something great. Though based in Paris, his geographic range extends beyond Europe to North America, Africa, and Asia.

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"I create pathways to growth."

Beco Lichtman


Q: How do I know if Beco Lichtman is a good match for my business?
A: As a talented business consultant, Beco can help almost any business, from start-up to medium-sized businesses. However, there are specific industries and business types where he may not be the best fit. He will be happy to discuss your situation confidentially, and he’ll immediately let you know whether or not he’s a good fit for your organization.

Q: How much does a business plan, marketing plan, feasibility study, etc. cost?

A: Beco doesn’t work off of templates, so before he can create a customized proposal, he needs to understand your individual situation. This generally requires a brief conversation about your project goals, timetable, budget, and scope. He strives to build long term, lasting relationships with his clients by finding the best and most sustainable solution that fits your organization’s issue and budget.

Q: My company has very proprietary information, which I do not want to leak out. Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?

A: Once Beco has determined that there is a good match between your needs and his capabilities, he’ll send you a mutual non-disclosure agreement. This agreement protects both parties from disclosure of confidential information. And, if you become one of his clients, his standard contract provides ample protection that covers most circumstances.

Q: Why don’t you list more of your clients’ names on your website?

A: Most of his clients insist on confidentiality, so he cannot divulge any information about them beyond their industry and a general description of the type of services he provided them.

Q: Do you work with non-profit organizations?

A: Although most of his clients are small or mid-size businesses, he also works with non-profits and associations. As long as he is a good fit in terms of skills and expertise Beco is happy to work with any organization.

Q: Do you work with clients outside of Paris?

A: YES! Though based in Paris, Beco’s geographic range extends beyond Europe to North America, Africa, and Asia.

Q: Your focus seems to be on strategic planning. Do you also help clients with marketing and other areas of business?

A: Yes. Beco is a skilled professional who helps clients with a wide variety of business issues. These include marketing plans, brand development, business innovation models, etc. Please contact Beco to discuss your particular situation in confidence.

Q: I am starting a high-growth business and need help developing the business concept, researching the industry, and developing a marketing plan. I have very limited funds. Will you work in exchange for equity?

A: The amount of market research that needs to go into a high quality marketing plan is extensive and time consuming. Beco usually works strictly on a fee-for-service basis, but in exceptional cases he will discount his fees in exchange for an equity stake.

Q: Can you make an equity investment in my business or provide debt financing?

A: Beco Lichtman is not a lender or private equity firm, and he does not act as an intermediary in any financial transaction. That said, he can support your search for funding in many useful ways, including market research, preparation of a business plan, development of a business presentation, and preparation and review of supporting documents.
 Call at +1 786-261-6177 or click here to learn more about how Beco can help your business!